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Black Lives Matter

As an organization dedicated to empowerment, we call on our civic leaders to demand changes to our justice system. As members and an organization, here is how we can support our Black members and community:

1. Educate yourself and others on topics relevant to history and race issues or ask with curiosity.

2. Hold yourself and others accountable for derogatory comments and racist actions. Report human dignity policy violations to leadership here.

3. Publicly speak against injustice, document events, and continue sharing stories. Silence is complicity.

4. Don’t speak on behalf of a person or victim. Create space and a platform for Black voices. Listen and support Black voices.

5. Listen without ego and defensiveness to people of color. Don’t minimize experiences. Do not compare a Black experience to a non-Black experience. Recognize your own privilege.

6. Participate in contacting elected officials & VOTE.

List of resources provided by HQ:

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