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It's almost election day

Please vote, you get to decide who leads this country the next four years. There is power in the vote. Do your own research, register, get your documents ready, and head out to your polling stations to cast your vote. Visit for more information on voting in your state.


This week we will take a look at the issues that are at stake in this election. One of the most important things you can do as a voter is to become an informed voter. Research the issues that matter to you and the candidate that best aligns with your values. Read up on the issues you care about and take action to help solve them.

Health Care

NPR: "U.S. Elections 2020: Understanding What's At Stake For Health Care"

Harvard Pilgrim: "4 Important Ways the 2020 Election Could Impact Health Care"

Racial Justice

ABC News: "How racial issues will define the 2020 presidential election"

Paid Sick Leave

VotoLatino: "Paid Sick Leave"

Vox: "Paid sick leave could be a deciding issue in November’s key House races"

Climate Change

The Atlantic: "Voters Really Care About Climate Change

Change the Climate: "CHANGE THE CLIMATE 2020"

Gun Violence Prevention

WAMU 88.5: "Gun Control Is Becoming A Core Issue For Democrats"

Los Angeles Times: "Trump and Biden on guns: Far apart on policy and perspective"

Immigrant Rights

Council of Foreign Relations: "Election Spotlight:



We can create a just and humane immigration system."

Fair Pay

National Conference of State Legislatures: "The Current State of Equal Pay Laws"

Reproductive Justice

Third Way: "Talking About Reproductive Rights in 2020"


National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators: "2020 Presidential Candidates' Higher Education Proposals"

Education Week: "Education in the 2020 Presidential Race"

Student Debt

Forbes: "For Student Loan Borrowers, The 2020 Election Has Unprecedented Implications"

Voting Rights

NPR: "Voting And Elections Divide Republicans And Democrats Like Little Else. Here's Why"

ADL: "Voting Rights and the 2020 Election"

As a reminder, these are only a few research links. There are so many more. The more you research the issues that matter to you, you can decide the candidate that best aligns with your values. This will make you a well-informed voter when Election Day arrives.

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